A Marathon Job

This job was a real endurance test, taking around 6 weeks to complete. Our customer wanted to create a new driveway in their front garden, and revamp all of the hard areas around the house.


2016-09-26 13.13.59.jpg

We had to build two new gate pillars as part of the front wall had collapsed, which also required repair. We also installed new walls to retain the remaining front garden with coping stones added to finish them off nicely. 

Starting out

Initially we had to demolish the front wall and drill out the concrete steps and old walls. In total around 120 tons of spoil was removed to allow us to start work.


The Driveway was blocked with Durham Sets in charcoal and a grey header course. We also had to build two new steps to allow for access to the front door. 

The effect is dramatic, and makes a real difference to the front of the property.

The Back

The rear of the property had some walling which had to be removed, and instead we blocked the area with new steps to the back gate and a path to the top of the garden. A new retaining wall was also built.

Please see the gallery below for the full range of photographs from the build, and we are sure you'll agree the final results warrant the effort. 

Out client was really happy with the final product.