Goodbye Wilderness

This job really made a huge difference to our customer. The garden had become overgrown to the point of grass at a height of around 2 feet in places. We managed to fit a new deck in with the existing one to allow for more furniture to be placed and room for entertaining.

A challenging aspect to this job was the removal of an old retaining wall which was made of old garage concrete panels. We cleared all that could be and decked over the site, transforming both its look and function.

The rest of the garden was paved with charcoal slab, a raised bed added and trellis used to break up the garden areas. 

Mrs Vallely has contacted us since to say she spends more time than ever in her garden.

Very punctual and did exactly what he said.My garden has gone from wilderness to beautiful and a space we can use again . I could not be more delighted!

— Barbara Vallely