Old School Hand Dug Patio

This was a tricky venue due to the distance we needed to travel with the materials and also to remove the spoil. This was in part made more difficult due to poor ground conditions.

Limited access meant that we couldn’t get any machinery on site and so everything had to be done by hand. The manual digging out took 3 days due to the years of build-up and hidden brick paths which had to be cleared along the way.

The levels for the patio and steps were also quite difficult as the previous owner had laid four different levels of concrete which ended up being drilled out. As a result the patio needed to be stepped in order to get a level plain at the top. 

The slabs were Bradstone grouted with Geofix, with the top bed planted out to finish.

The customer was very happy with the end result, and it was well worth the extra hard work.